Covid Won’t Beat Cricket!

junior cricket

Registrations for senior women, men and junior girls and boys are open right now. Book your place at a great community cricket club!
Currently we’re expecting to be able to begin cricket training and playing at the end of October/early November.

There are still lots of uncertainties about what the public health covid safety rules will be. We expect those to become clearer in coming weeks. Stay tuned.

It may seem strange, but Covid has helped us get creative.  As a result of the pandemic and concerns about transmission from sharing equipment YPCC started an innovative scheme to loan cricket kits to senior and junior players last season – so if you want to try the game for the first time you don’t need a big expensive kit.

Our club is committed to working within public health safety rules and did so successfully last season. We’ll do the same again this year. You can help us by getting yourself vaccinated.