Junior Team Managers

Team Managers are volunteer parents who play a vital role in bringing junior teams together on match day. Without them, there would be no junior cricket!

Our club handbook explains the different roles of junior cricket volunteers, including team managers.

A huge thank you to all junior cricket volunteers who are helping create a great experience for our young players.

Contact Hayley Sandpearl, Junior Coordinator, if you’d like more information. 

Hayley Sandpearl

Hayley Sandpearl

Junior Coordinator

Clare West

Clare West

Child Safety Officer
Under 14 Coordinator

Nigel Burdon

Under 10 Coordinator

Alex Lugg

Under 12 Coordinator

Kirsten Parris

Kirsten Parris

Girls Teams Coordinator

Simon Thompson

Under 10 Gold Team Manager

Jeremy Loadman

Under 10 Blue Team Manager

Wayne Parsons

Under 10 Owls Team Manager

James Wilson

Under 12(2) Friday Team Manager

Lauren Holland

Under 12(4) Friday Team Manager

Sharon Trinchi

Under 14(1) Friday Joint Team Manager

Tom Trinchi

Under 14(1) Friday Joint Team Manager

Laurel Gorman

Under 14(4) Friday Team Manager

Adam Mornemont

Under 14 Saturday Team Manager

Mark Ryan 16B Team Manager

Mark Ryan

16(1) Team Manager
Under 16 Coordinator

Sanjeev Sinha

Under 16(3) Friday Team Manager

Ramesh Bestha

Under 12 Girls Joint Team Manager

Ewan Campbell

Under 12 Girls Joint Team Manager

Kim Anderson

Under 14 Girls Team Manager